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  • An oral laxative providing gentle constipation relief that works with your body
  • Stool Softening effects, making bowel movements easier
  • The oral laxative DulcoSoft is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women (doctor advice recommended)
  • Contains macrogol, the number one ingredient prescribed by doctors
  • DulcoSoft Liquid is a flavorless solution that is gluten and sugar-free and can be mixed into a drink of choice


Product description

Size:250 ml


Constipation doesn’t have to be sat out. Quite the contrary: It is important to make lifestyle changes and if needed treat constipation. If going to the toilet becomes difficult, DulcoSoft Liquid provides relief with its stool-softening effects. Its active ingredient macrogol is the number one doctor prescribed ingredient. It harnesses water in your body – working with your body to soften stools so they are more comfortable to pass. DulcoSoft Liquid is a flavourless solution which can be mixed into your favourite drink. It is gluten and sugar free so is suitable for diabetics and those with coeliac disease. It is also suitable for children over 2 years pregnant and breastfeeding women (consultation with a doctor recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 8 years). SAGB.DULC1.20.03.0462

DulcoSoft Liquid for oral solution contains macrogol

Dulcoease 100 mg Capsules contains docusate sodium

Dulcolax Adult 5 mg Gastro-resistant Tablets

DulcoSoft Powder for oral solution contains macrogol, always read the label.

Dulcosoft Liquid Oral Laxative for Comfortable Relief From Constipation, 250 mil

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